Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time for a quick catch-up!

In January, most of the family was in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains for my nephew's wedding.  It was a beautiful, warm day with just a hint of a shower/thunderstorm....thankfully there were only a few drops of rain over us but we got to see the showers pass across the valley in front of us.

I just LOVE this shot with the photobomber bridesmaids!

After a fantastic weekend, Bun and I headed down to Holbrook to see Tim and Gail.  We also took the time to drive around the Hume.

Mid-february saw us at Callie's baby shower, with Baby Dimas getting spoilt!

April 1st at 4.14pm saw the safe arrival of William George Dimas, weighing in at 3.33kg.  We are so happy for Callie and Steven and of course, we are all totally smitten with this gorgeous little man!!

William has settled in easily at home and is already a favourite with Spencer but Boof seems a little bored with him so far hahaha.

Easter was busy with Josh, Ashley and all four little girls here....they played in the grape marc and Kasiah managed to look like she'd had her eyebrows 'done'!!

Kayah is saying more every time we see her, newest word yesterday was 'mess'....probably because I was saying what a big mess she was making!

Easter fun with all the girls!!

 Bun is heading to Killawarra, Qld on Sunday, to help with the seeding up there. At the moment, it sounds like he will be doing some fencing work once the seeding is finished.  I said that I would not be ready to leave quite that early (funnily enough!) and so I am booked to fly up to Brisbane at the end of May and join him then.  In the meantime, I will spend some more time in Adelaide with kids and grandkids, plus I have some quilting/sewing plans of my own at home.  

The plan at the moment is to be back at the end of July, as we fly to Canada on 9th August for just under a month.   Canada has been on our wish list for many years so it is exciting that it is actually happening, plus we will get to see Ashlee, Callie's closest friend, who is currently living and working in Vancouver.

And I'm done!  The van is getting packed up today/tomorrow so the laptop needs to be in there too!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Just a random catch up of photos over the last couple of months, I upgraded phones and couldn't get the photos off the old phone.  Ben kindly helped me out over Christmas and sorted out the issue for me!

always lovely to see Josh and the girls!!

Callie and Steven's crazy dogs

Such gorgeous little faces!

Home grown cherries

Ashley's girls, Scarlett and Madison

The little fairy house came all the way home from Killawarra with us last year. The Hirst girls had outgrown it and so they gifted it to us for the grandchildren.  It's been a big hit here.

The two three-year-olds were given some device time as a 'quiet time' and I couldn't believe how they mirrored each other, even down to their identical expressions haha

Everybody in, even the dog!

Bun and I have been painting the outside of the house over the last few weeks and Stevie always seems to be able to lie against the fresh paint!!

I had some free time leading up to Christmas and made matching dresses for Kasiah and Kayah.  They turned out really well and have plenty of 'twirl factor'.

Having 'helped' make the bed, Kasiah found my torch.

Callie still feeling the dreaded morning sickness.

Sylvana's birthday cake

I made this quilt large enough for a queen size and quilted the top, then turned it into a doona cover. Now we can use it in summer or winter in the caravan.

And a lovely day for my birthday, two little people came to stay for the day so I had the best time!

We are off to Katoomba next week for our nephew's wedding so it means a big family catch up with my side of the family and then hopefully on to visit Tim and Gail for a few days before we come home.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

So it hasn't taken me quite so long to update this time haha

When I said last post that life takes twists and turns, it turned out to be true!  I didn't end up working at Lock due to health reasons and we decided to go to the coast and chill out for a few weeks. 

A stormy day at Tumby Bay

 We spent a week at Coffin Bay doing some paddling and I spent Melbourne Cup day during a quilt workshop in Pt Lincoln.

 After that, we went to Elliston and then on to Streaky Bay for a week.  
The weather was pretty ordinary with lots of wind and quite cool.  Although we did get a day there that was warm enough to try surfing.  There was a sea lion playing in the surf, he swam under Bun's legs and surfed on a wave with me!  He was actually about 20 metres away from me. I was so distracted by him that I got 'dumped' by the wave and came up spluttering but yelling to Bun about it!

This was taken at Elliston, we spent a few days there and it was probably the best weather we had!

We were at Pt Augusta when the supermoon was happening but I really need a bigger lens haha

After spending 5 days at Pt Broughton and then a few more at Coobowie so that we could really look around the Yorke Peninsula, it was time to head home, stopping off in Clare for the weekend and riding the Riesling Trial.  I've wanted to do that for years and finally it worked out.

We spent some of December in Adelaide, catching up with the kids and helping Callie and Steven with their garden.
We also got to have Kasiah and Kayah for a weekend and loved it!  We had been talking to them via FaceTime while we were away and Kasiah kept saying "You home now?? I come to your house??"  so it was lovely to finally say YES!

We've been lucky this year to have all three kids and partners and grandchildren here for Christmas!!  We fully appreciate it too as it doesn't happen often these days.

We went to the lake early on Christmas Eve with kayaks and paddle boards plus a little passenger!  He hasn't really got his sea legs yet but kept us entertained.

Josh's partner, Ashley, and her two girls Scarlett and Maddie joined us as well for Christmas so it was a full house here.

I had warned them all that I wanted a photo while everyone was home so Boxing Day was it.  I set up the tripod and the timer and ran backwards and forwards with three little girls helping....so it's a bit hit and miss but everyone was laughing so who cares!!

Ok I think that's enough of a catch up for now.