Friday, January 20, 2017

Just a random catch up of photos over the last couple of months, I upgraded phones and couldn't get the photos off the old phone.  Ben kindly helped me out over Christmas and sorted out the issue for me!

always lovely to see Josh and the girls!!

Callie and Steven's crazy dogs

Such gorgeous little faces!

Home grown cherries

Ashley's girls, Scarlett and Madison

The little fairy house came all the way home from Killawarra with us last year. The Hirst girls had outgrown it and so they gifted it to us for the grandchildren.  It's been a big hit here.

The two three-year-olds were given some device time as a 'quiet time' and I couldn't believe how they mirrored each other, even down to their identical expressions haha

Everybody in, even the dog!

Bun and I have been painting the outside of the house over the last few weeks and Stevie always seems to be able to lie against the fresh paint!!

I had some free time leading up to Christmas and made matching dresses for Kasiah and Kayah.  They turned out really well and have plenty of 'twirl factor'.

Having 'helped' make the bed, Kasiah found my torch.

Callie still feeling the dreaded morning sickness.

Sylvana's birthday cake

I made this quilt large enough for a queen size and quilted the top, then turned it into a doona cover. Now we can use it in summer or winter in the caravan.

And a lovely day for my birthday, two little people came to stay for the day so I had the best time!

We are off to Katoomba next week for our nephew's wedding so it means a big family catch up with my side of the family and then hopefully on to visit Tim and Gail for a few days before we come home.


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